RemedyRepack offers flexible, expedited stock medication ordering for physician dispensing.


Effortless Ordering

Our facility is opened 24/7 and will accept orders at any time. It is easy for a facility to place an order with the options that RemedyRepack is able to provide.

Stock Ordering

All that is required is an email or fax sent to RemedyRepack containing the repackaging order, using a form created by our customer service or your facility. Remedy will fulfill the requested order by providing the stock drugs for you by wholesale or repackaging, whichever is requested.

Drop/Ship Ordering

Send RemedyRepack an email or fax containing the repackaging order and notify us that you will be sending your own stock drugs for repackaging. Once we receive the customer-owned stock medication, the product is then verified and quality inspected before the production begins.

On all orders, our Quality Control team gives the final release of the product and it is shipped to your facility. RemedyRepack has an average lead time of 24-72 hours and can send emergency orders within 24-48 hours. Pharmacists are available to recommend alternatives with certain medications are not available.

Get Started Today!

Download and complete the Facility Information Form (Click to Download)

Provide Formulary (please include the medication name, strength, and size).

E-mail or fax the above documents to: 1-844-329-8164 OR E-mail to:

RemedyRepack Service Coverage

RemedyRepack is able to provide services to all 50 states in the U.S. and is licensed in 45 states.