RemedyRepack offers flexible, expedited stock medication ordering for physician dispensing.


Scalable For All Needs

RemedyRepack can take on any job, large or small. Our customers range from small clinics to large athletic operations, and we can customize ordering, packaging, and delivery to meet your needs.

Shelf-life & Dating

The expiration date for the medications provided by RemedyRepack will be no less than 9 months from the date of delivery. Our experience shows that 9 to 12-month dating benefits our customers as it:

  • Decreases the amount of inventory maintained on site
  • Encourages FIFO (first-in-first-out) inventory management
  • Decreases the risk that an entire shipment would need to be recalled if a specific lot is recalled
  • Saves money when a price decreases resulting from a manufacturer supplying a new generic medication

The proper ordering and timely delivery of your medications (within 24-72 of order receipt at Remedy) eliminates the need for customers to “warehouse” huge volumes of inventory. Thus, customers can better control costs and maintain “freshness of inventory” for end users while having inventory flexibility.

Top OTC Medications

Apap 325mg Tab-8 Generic TYLENOL Analgesic
Aspirin 325mg Tablet Generic ECOTRIN Analgesic
Aspirin 81mg Chew Tab Generic BAYER CHILDRENS ASPIRIN Analgesic
Aspirin 81mg Tablet Ec Generic BAYER LOW STRENGTH Analgesic
Aspirin EC 325mg Tablet Generic ECOTRIN Analgesic
Mapap 500mg Gelcap Generic TYLENOL GELCAP Analgesic
Pain Reliever Plus Tabs Generic GENACED Analgesic
Ibuprofen 200mg Tablet Generic ADVIL Analgesic
Naproxen Sod 220mg Tab Generic ALEVE Analgesic
Niacin 100mg Tablet Generic AntiHyperlipidemic
Niacin 250mg Tablet Generic AntiHyperlipidemic
Niacin 500mg Tablet Generic NIACOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Niacin Cr 500mg Sr Cap Generic AntiHyperlipidemic
Niacin SR 250mg Caps Generic AntiHyperlipidemic
Bacitracin Zinc(lb)oint Generic BACITRACIN AntiInfective
Triple Antibiotic Oint Generic LANABIOTIC AntiInfective
Aceta-Gesic Tab-30 Generic PERCOGESIC CoughCold
Ayr Nasal Mist Allgy/Sinu Brand SALINE CoughCold
Cetirizine 10mg Tablet Generic ZYRTEC CoughCold
Cetirizine 5mg Tablet Generic ZYRTEC CoughCold
Chlorpheniramine 4mg Tab Generic CHLORPHENIRAMINE CoughCold
Cromolyn Sod Nasal Spray Generic INTAL CoughCold
Deep Sea Nasal Spray Generic SALINE CoughCold
Fexofenadine 180mg Tablet Generic ALLEGRA CoughCold
guaiFENesin 200mg Tablet Generic ORGANIDIN NR CoughCold
guaiFENesin 400mg Tab Generic ALLFEN JR CoughCold
Loratadine 10mg Tablet Generic CLARITIN CoughCold
Mapap Cold Formula Tablet Generic COLD HEAD CONG. CAPLET CoughCold
Mucinex 600mg Tab-30 Brand GUAIFENESIN CoughCold
Mucinex D 60-600mg tab Brand PSEUDOEPHEDRINE-GG CR CoughCold
Oxymetazoline Nasal Spray Generic AFRIN CoughCold
Pain Rlf Sinus PE Caplet Generic PHENYLEPHRINE/APAP CoughCold
QC Cold & Allergy Tablets Generic CTM/PE 4-10 CoughCold
Q-Tussin DM A/F Syrup Generic ROBITUSSIN DM CoughCold
Robafen 100/5ml syp Generic ROBITUSSIN MAXIMUM STRENGTH CoughCold
Sudogest 30mg Tablet Generic SUDAFED CoughCold
Sudogest 60mg Tablet Generic SUDAFED CoughCold
Sudogest PE 10mg Tablet Generic PHENYLEPHRINE CoughCold
Tussin Dm Clear Liq Generic GUIATUSS DM CoughCold
Ammonium Lact 12% Lot Generic LAC-HYDRIN Dermatological
Analgesic Balm Ointment Generic BEN GAY Dermatological
Anu-MED Suppository Generic TRONOLANE Dermatological
Baby Shampoo Generic J & J BABY SHAMPOO Dermatological
Benz Peroxide 10% Gel Generic BENZAC AC Dermatological
Benz Peroxide 10% Lotion Generic ACNE MEDICATION Dermatological
Benz Peroxide 5% Gel Generic BENZAC AC Dermatological
Benz Peroxide 5% Lotio Generic ACNE MEDICATION Dermatological
Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Wash Generic DESQUAM Dermatological
Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Wash Generic DESQUAM Dermatological
Blue Gel Muscular Relief Generic COOL Dermatological
Calamine Lotion Generic Dermatological
Capsaicin 0.025% Cream Generic ZOSTRIX Dermatological
Carmex Tube Brand EMOLLIENT Dermatological
Dakins 0.125% (1/4 Str) Brand Dermatological
Dibucaine 1% Ointment Generic NUPERCAINAL Dermatological
Fixodent Denture Hold Crm Brand DENTURE HOLDING CREAM Dermatological
Hemorrhoidal Cream Generic Dermatological
Hemorrhoidal Ointment Generic FORMULATION R Dermatological
Hemorrhoidal Suppository Generic PREPARATION H Dermatological
Hibiclens 4% Liquid Brand CHLORHEXIDINE GLUCONATE Dermatological
Hydrocerin Cream LB. Generic MOISTURIN Dermatological
Hydrocortisone 0.5% Cream Generic HYTONE Dermatological
Hydrocortisone 1% Cream Generic HYTONE Dermatological
Hydrocortisone 1% Lotion Generic HYTONE Dermatological
Hydrocortisone 1% Oint Generic CORTIZONE-10 Dermatological
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Sol Generic PROXACOL Dermatological
Hydrophor Ointment Generic AQUAPHILIC Dermatological
Lice Shampoo W/comb Generic PRONTO Dermatological
Lubriderm Lotion Brand ALA-DERM Dermatological
Medi-pads Generic A.E.R. WITCH HAZEL Dermatological
MG217 Med Tar Oint Brand COAL TAR 10% EXTRACT Dermatological
Muscle Rub Cream Generic BENGAY Dermatological
Permethrin 1% Lotion Generic NIX Dermatological
Petrolatum Jelly Generic VASELINE Dermatological
Petroleum Jelly Gel Generic VASELINE Dermatological
QC H-L Cough Drops SF 25c Generic HALLS Dermatological
Selenium 1% Sulf Shampoo Generic SELSUN BLUE Dermatological
Sensodyne Toothpaste Brand Dermatological
Sore Throat Loz Generic CEPACOL Dermatological
Super Poligrip Free Cream Brand Dermatological
Thera-Derm Lotion Generic LUBRIDERM Dermatological
Therapeutic Tar Shampoo Generic DHS TAR GEL Dermatological
Tucks Pads Brand WITCH HAZEL Dermatological
Vitamin A & D Ointment Generic FP VITAMIN A & D Dermatological
Vitamin E Lotion Generic Dermatological
Wart Remover Liquid Generic Dermatological
Zilactin-B 10% Gel Brand RID-A-PAIN Dermatological
Zinc Oxide 20% Ointment Generic Dermatological
Clotrimazole 1% Crm 15g Generic LOTRIMIN Dermatological
Miconazole Nit 2% Cream Generic MICATIN Dermatological
Terbinafine 1% Cream Generic LAMISIL 1% CREAM Dermatological
Tolnaftate 1% Cream Generic TINACTIN Dermatological
Tolnaftate 1% Pwd Spray Generic TINAMAR Dermatological
Tolnaftate 1% Solution Generic TINACTIN Dermatological
Dex4 Glucose Chew Tabs Brand GLUCOSE Diabetes
Insta-Glucose Gel Brand GLUCOSE Diabetes
Leader glucose orange chw Generic MEIJER GLUCOSE Diabetes
Safety-lok 1ml Syringe Brand Diabetes
HumuLIN 70/30 Vial Brand INSULIN ISOPHANE & REG (HUMAN) Diabetes
HumuLIN N 100unit Vial Brand INSULIN ISOPHANE HUMAN Diabetes
HumuLIN R 100unit Vial Brand INSULIN REGULAR HUMAN Diabetes
Clarity HCG Preg. Tests Brand DiagnosticAids
Acid Gone ES Chew Tab Generic GAVISCON ES GastroIntestinal
Acid Gone Liquid Generic GAVISCON GastroIntestinal
Acidophilus X-str Captab Generic PROBIATA GastroIntestinal
Anti-diarrheal 2mg Caplet Generic IMODIUM A-D GastroIntestinal
Bisacodyl 10mg Supp Generic DULCOLAX GastroIntestinal
Bisacodyl 5mg Tablet EC Generic DULCOLAX GastroIntestinal
Bismatrol 262/15ml Susp Generic PEPTO-BISMOL GastroIntestinal
Calcium EX Antacid Tab Generic TUMS E-X GastroIntestinal
Calcium/Vit D 500/100 CW Generic TUMS GastroIntestinal
Citrate Of Magnesia Soln Generic CITROMA GastroIntestinal
Docusate Calc. 240mg Caps Generic SURFAK GastroIntestinal
Docusate Sod 100mg Cap-7 Generic COLACE GastroIntestinal
Docusate Sod 250mg Cap Generic PURID FUERTE GastroIntestinal
Fiber-lax Tablets (30) Generic FIBERCON GastroIntestinal
Fleet Enema Pediatric Brand FLEET ENEMA GastroIntestinal
Formula EM Nausea Sol. Generic GastroIntestinal
Gas Free 125mg Capsule Generic GAS-X GastroIntestinal
Gaviscon Foamtab Brand GastroIntestinal
Lactase 3000 Unit Caplet Generic DAIRY AID GastroIntestinal
Lactinex tablet Brand GastroIntestinal
Mag-Al Plus UD Liq Generic MYLANTA/MAALOX GastroIntestinal
Magnesium Oxide 400mg Tab Generic MAG-OX 400 GastroIntestinal
Meclizine 12.5mg Tablet Generic ANTIVERT GastroIntestinal
Meclizine 25mg Tab chew Generic BONINE GastroIntestinal
Metamucil Sf Orng Packe Brand PSYLLIUM GastroIntestinal
Mi-Acid Max Strength Liq Generic MYLANTA DOUBLE-STRENGTH GastroIntestinal
Milk Of Mag Susp Generic PHILLIPS MILK OF MAGNESIA GastroIntestinal
Mineral Oil (Heavy) Brand GastroIntestinal
Mineral Oil (light) Brand MINERAL OIL LIGHT GastroIntestinal
Mintox Plus Chewtab Generic GELUSIL GastroIntestinal
Mytab Gas 80mg Chew Tab Generic SIMETHICONE GastroIntestinal
Pink Bismuth Chew Tab Generic PEPTO-BISMOL GastroIntestinal
Polyethylene Glycol 3350 Generic MIRALAX GastroIntestinal
Reguloid 0.52gm Capsule Generic METAMUCIL GastroIntestinal
Reguloid Pwd SF Orange Generic METAMUCIL GastroIntestinal
Senna Lax 8.6mg Tab Generic SENOKOT GastroIntestinal
Simethicone 125mg Tab Chw Generic GAS-X GastroIntestinal
Sodium Bicarb 650mg Tab Generic GastroIntestinal
Famotidine 10mg Tablet Generic PEPCID AC GastroIntestinal
Ranitidine 75mg Tablet Generic ZANTAC 75 GastroIntestinal
B-Complex Vitamin Cap Generic Nutritional
Calcium Carb 600 Tablet Generic CALTRATE 600 Nutritional
Calcium+D 600-200 Tablet Generic Nutritional
Calcium+D 600-400 Tab Generic CALTRATE 600 PLUS-VIT D Nutritional
Ferrous Gluc. 324mg Tab Generic FERGON Nutritional
Ferrous Sulf 324mg Tab EC Generic Nutritional
Ferrous Sulfate 325mg Tab Generic FERRO-BOB Nutritional
Fish Oil 1000mg Capsule Generic OMEGA-3 Nutritional
Fish Oil 500mg Capsule Generic Nutritional
Glucosamine Slf 500mg Cap Generic FP GLUCOSAMINE Nutritional
Melatonin 3mg Tablet Generic Nutritional
Melatonin 5mg Tablet Generic Nutritional
Multi-Vits W/Iron Tablet Generic DAYALETS/IRON Nutritional
Oyst-Calc+D 500mg Tablet Generic RA HI-CAL/VITAMIN D Nutritional
Oyster Shell Cal 500mg Tb Generic OS-CAL Nutritional
Prenatal Tab 27-0.8mg Generic PRENATAL MULTIVITAMIN/IRON Nutritional
Rena-vite Tablet Generic NEPHROVITE Nutritional
Sodium Chloride 1gm Table Generic Nutritional
Thera Tablet Generic ONE-A-DAY Nutritional
Therems M Tablet Generic THERAGRAN M Nutritional
Vit B-12 100mcg Tab Generic CYANOCOBALAMINE Nutritional
Vit D3 1000unit Chew Brand Nutritional
Vit E 200int Unit Cap Nat Generic Nutritional
Vit.D 400int Unit Cap Generic Nutritional
Vitamin B-1 100mg Tablet Generic THIAMINE HCL Nutritional
Vitamin B-1 50mg Tablet Generic THIAMINE HCL Nutritional
Vitamin B12 1000mcg Tab Generic CYANOCOBALAMIN Nutritional
Vitamin B12 500mcg Tablet Generic CYANOCOBALAMIN Nutritional
Vitamin B-50 Complex Brand Nutritional
Vitamin B-6 100mg Tablet Generic PYRIDOXINE HCL Nutritional
Vitamin B-6 25mg Tablet Generic VITAMIN B-6 Nutritional
Vitamin B-6 50mg Tablet Generic VITAMIN B-6 Nutritional
Vitamin C 250mg Tablet Generic ASCORBIC ACID Nutritional
Vitamin C 500mg Tablet Generic ASCORBIC ACID Nutritional
Vitamin D 5,000unit Caps Generic Nutritional
Vitamin D3 1000unit Cap Brand Nutritional
Vitamin D3 1000unit Tab Generic Nutritional
Vitamin D3 2000unit Cap Generic Nutritional
Vitamin D3 2000unit Tab Brand Nutritional
Vitamin D3 400unit Tab Generic LONGS VITAMIN D Nutritional
Vitamin E 400unit Capsule Generic FORMULA E 400 Nutritional
Artificial Tears Eye Oi Generic AKWA TEARS OpthalOtic
Artificial Tears Sol. Generic AKWA TEAR DROPS OpthalOtic
Ear Wax Removal System Generic DEBROX OpthalOtic
Ketotifen 0.025% Eye Drop Generic ZADITOR OpthalOtic
Leader Eye Drops 0.05% Generic VISINE OpthalOtic
Natural Balance Tears Generic AQUASITE OpthalOtic
Systane Ultra Eye Drops Brand POLYETHYL GLYCOL-PROPYL GLYCOL OpthalOtic
Tears Naturale II Brand ARTIFICIAL TEARS OpthalOtic
Unisol 4 Saline Sol. Brand SALINE SENSITIVE EYES OpthalOtic
Visine-A Eye Drops Brand NAPHAZOLINE-PHENIRAMINE OpthalOtic
Diphenhist 25mg Caplet Generic BENADRYL Psych
Diphenhydr 12.5mg/5ml El Generic BENADRYL ALLERGY Psych
DiphenhydrAMINE 25MG Cap( Generic BENADRYL Psych
DiphenhydrAMINE 50mg Cap Generic BENADRYL Psych
Clotrimazole 7 Vag. Crm Generic MYCELEX RenalGenitourinary
Miconazole 100mg Supp Generic MONISTAT 7 RenalGenitourinary
Miconazole 2% Vagcr/appl Generic MONISTAT 7 RenalGenitourinary

Top RX Medications

Hydrocod/Apap 5/500 Tab Generic VICODIN Analgesic
traMADol 50mg Tablet Generic ULTRAM Analgesic
Ibuprofen 400mg Tablet Generic MOTRIN Analgesic
Ibuprofen 600mg Tablet-21 Generic MOTRIN Analgesic
Ibuprofen 800mg Tablet-14 Generic IBU Analgesic
Indomethacin 50mg Capsule Generic INDOCIN Analgesic
Meloxicam 15mg Tab Generic MOBIC Analgesic
Meloxicam 7.5mg Tab-30 Generic MOBIC Analgesic
Naproxen 375mg Tab Generic NAPROSYN Analgesic
Naproxen 500mg Tablet Generic NAPROSYN Analgesic
Warfarin(jantoven) 5mg Generic COUMADIN Anticoagulant
Atorvastatin 10mg Tablet Generic LIPITOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Atorvastatin 20mg Tablet Generic LIPITOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Atorvastatin 40mg Tablet Generic LIPITOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Gemfibrozil 600mg Tablet Generic LOPID AntiHyperlipidemic
Lovastatin 20mg Tablet Generic MEVACOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Lovastatin 40mg Tablet Generic MEVACOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Pravastatin 10mg Tablet Generic PRAVACHOL AntiHyperlipidemic
Pravastatin 80mg Tablet Generic PRAVACHOL AntiHyperlipidemic
Simvastatin 10mg Tablet Generic ZOCOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Simvastatin 20mg Tablet Generic ZOCOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Simvastatin 40mg Tablet Generic ZOCOR AntiHyperlipidemic
Amox/Clav 875mg Tablet Generic AUGMENTIN AntiInfective
Amoxicillin 500mg Capsule Generic AMOXIL AntiInfective
Azithromycin 250mg tab-6 Generic ZITHROMAX AntiInfective
Cephalexin 500mg Capsule Generic KEFLEX AntiInfective
Ciprofloxacin 500mg Tab Generic CIPRO AntiInfective
Clindamycin 150mg Capsule Generic CLEOCIN AntiInfective
Doxycycline Mono 100mg Cp Generic MONODOX AntiInfective
MetroNIDazole 500mg Tab Generic FLAGYL AntiInfective
Penicillin VK 500mg Tab-2 Generic VEETIDS AntiInfective
Sulfatrim DS Tablet-30 Generic BACTRIM DS AntiInfective
amLODIPine 10mg Tablet Generic NORVASC Cardiac
amLODIPine 5mg Tablet Generic NORVASC Cardiac
Atenolol 100mg Tab Generic TENORMIN Cardiac
Atenolol 25mg tab (30) Generic TENORMIN Cardiac
Atenolol 50mg tab (30) Generic TENORMIN Cardiac
Carvedilol 12.5mg Tablet Generic COREG Cardiac
Carvedilol 25mg Tablet Generic COREG Cardiac
Carvedilol 3.125mg Tablet Generic COREG Cardiac
CARVEDILOL 6.25MG TB Generic COREG Cardiac
Chlorthalidone 25mg Tab Generic HYGROTON Cardiac
Clonidine 0.3mg Tablet Generic CATAPRES Cardiac
Clonidine Hcl 0.1mg Tab Generic CATAPRES Cardiac
Doxazosin 2mg Tablet Generic CARDURA Cardiac
Furosemide 20mg Tablet Generic LASIX Cardiac
Furosemide 40mg Tablet Generic LASIX Cardiac
HCTZ 12.5mg Capsule Generic MICROZIDE Cardiac
HCTZ 25mg Tablet(3) Generic HYDRODIURIL Cardiac
Isosorbide MN 30mg Tab Generic IMDUR Cardiac
Metoprolol 100mg Tablet Generic LOPRESSOR Cardiac
Metoprolol 25mg Tablet Generic LOPRESSOR Cardiac
Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg Generic LOPRESSOR Cardiac
Nitrostat 0.4mg SL Tab-25 Brand NITROGLYCERIN Cardiac
Prazosin Hcl 1mg Cap-30 Generic MINIPRESS Cardiac
Prazosin Hcl 2mg Cap-30 Generic MINIPRESS Cardiac
Propranolol 20mg Tablet Generic INDERAL Cardiac
Propranolol 40mg Tablet Generic INDERAL Cardiac
Propranolol hcl 10mg tab Generic INDERAL Cardiac
Spironolactone 25mg Tab Generic ALDACTONE Cardiac
Terazosin hcl 2mg cap Generic HYTRIN Cardiac
Terazosin hcl 5mg cap Generic HYTRIN Cardiac
Triam/Hctz 37.5/25 Tab-30 Generic MAXZIDE-25 Cardiac
Enalapril 5mg Tablet Generic VASOTEC Cardiac
Enalapril Maleate 10mg Ta Generic VASOTEC Cardiac
Enalapril Maleate 20mg Ta Generic VASOTEC Cardiac
Lisinop-HCTZ 10/12.5mg Generic PRINZIDE Cardiac
Lisinop-HCTZ 20/25mg Tab Generic PRINZIDE Cardiac
Lisinopril 10mg Tablet Generic PRINIVIL Cardiac
Lisinopril 2.5mg Tab Generic PRINIVIL Cardiac
Lisinopril 20mg Tablet Generic PRINIVIL Cardiac
Lisinopril 30mg Tablet Generic PRINIVIL Cardiac
Lisinopril 40mg Tablet Generic PRINIVIL Cardiac
Lisinopril 5mg Tablet Generic PRINIVIL Cardiac
Lisinopril-HCTZ 20/12.5mg Generic PRINZIDE Cardiac
Losartan 50mg Tablet Generic COZAAR Cardiac
Losartan Potassium 100mg Generic COZAAR Cardiac
Promethazine 25mg Tablet Generic PHENERGAN CoughCold
Triamcinolone 0.1% Cream Generic ARISTOCORT A Dermatological
glipiZIDE 10mg Tablet Generic GLUCOTROL Diabetes
Glipizide 5mg Tablet Generic GLUCOTROL Diabetes
Glyburide 5mg Tab-30 Generic MICRONASE Diabetes
Metformin Hcl 1000mg Tab Generic GLUCOPHAGE Diabetes
Metformin Hcl 500mg Tab Generic GLUCOPHAGE Diabetes
Metformin Hcl 850mg Tab Generic GLUCOPHAGE Diabetes
Lantus Solostar Syringe Brand INSULIN GLARGINE Diabetes
Allopurinol 100mg Tablet Generic ZYLOPRIM EndocrineMetab
Allopurinol 300mg Tablet Generic ZYLOPRIM EndocrineMetab
PredniSONE 10mg Tablet Generic DELTASONE EndocrineMetab
PredniSONE 20mg Tablet Generic DELTASONE EndocrineMetab
Tamsulosin 0.4mg Capsule Generic FLOMAX EndocrineMetab
Dicyclomine Hcl 20mg Tab Generic BENTYL GastroIntestinal
Lactulose 10gm/15ml Syr Generic ENULOSE GastroIntestinal
Loperamide 2mg Capsule Generic IMODIUM GastroIntestinal
Famotidine 20mg Tablet Generic PEPCID GastroIntestinal
Ranitidine 300mg Tablet Generic ZANTAC GastroIntestinal
Ranitidine Hcl 150mg Tab Generic ZANTAC GastroIntestinal
Omeprazole 20mg Capsule Generic PRILOSEC GastroIntestinal
Omeprazole 40mg Capsule Generic PRILOSEC GastroIntestinal
Pantoprazole 20mg Tablet Generic PROTONIX GastroIntestinal
Pantoprazole 40mg Tablet Generic PROTONIX GastroIntestinal
Clopidogrel 75mg Tablet Generic PLAVIX Hematological
Atripla 600-200-300mg Tab Brand EFAVIRENZ / EMTRICITABINE / TENOFOVIR Hiv
Norvir 100mg Tablet Brand RITONAVIR Hiv
Acyclovir 400mg Tablet Generic ZOVIRAX MiscAntivirals
Baclofen 20mg Tablet Generic LIORESAL MuscleRelaxant
Cyclobenzaprine 10mg Tab Generic FLEXERIL MuscleRelaxant
Methocarbamol 500mg Tab Generic ROBAXIN MuscleRelaxant
Methocarbamol 750mg Tab30 Generic ROBAXIN-750 MuscleRelaxant
Folic Acid 1mg Tablet Generic FOLATE Nutritional
Potassium Cl 20meq tab CR Generic K-DUR Nutritional
Potassium Cl Cr 10meq Tab Generic K-TABS Nutritional
Prenatal Plus Tablet Generic PRENATAL/FOLIC ACID Nutritional
busPIRone 10mg Tablet Generic BUSPAR Psych
busPIRone 30mg Tablet-30 Generic BUSPAR Psych
busPIRone 5mg Tablet Generic BUSPAR Psych
Buspirone Hcl 15mg Tab Generic BUSPAR Psych
Hydroxyzine Pamoate 25mg Generic VISTARIL Psych
Hydroxyzine Pamoate 50mg Generic VISTARIL Psych
Benztropine Mesylate 1mg Generic COGENTIN Psych
Benztropine Mesylate 2mg Generic COGENTIN Psych
buPROPion 100mg Tablet Generic WELLBUTRIN Psych
buPROPion 75mg Tablet Generic WELLBUTRIN Psych
buPROPion-SR 150mg Tab Generic WELLBUTRIN SR Psych
Mirtazapine 15mg Tablet Generic REMERON Psych
Mirtazapine 30mg Tablet Generic REMERON Psych
Mirtazapine 45mg Tablet Generic REMERON Psych
TraZODone 150mg Tablet Generic DESYREL Psych
traZODone 50mg Tablet Generic DESYREL Psych
Trazodone Hcl 100mg Tab Generic DESYREL. Psych
Venlafaxine 75mg Tablet Generic EFFEXOR Psych
Venlafaxine ER 150mg Cap Generic EFFEXOR-XR Psych
Venlafaxine ER 75mg Cap Generic EFFEXOR XR Psych
Olanzapine 10mg Tablet Generic ZYPREXA Psych
Olanzapine 15mg Tablet Generic ZYPREXA Psych
Olanzapine 20mg Tablet Generic ZYPREXA Psych
Olanzapine 5mg Tablet-30 Generic ZYPREXA Psych
Quetiapine 200mg Tablet Generic SEROQUEL Psych
Quetiapine 300mg Tablet Generic SEROQUEL Psych
Quetiapine 400mg Tablet Generic SEROQUEL Psych
Quetiapine Fumarate 100mg Generic SEROQUEL Psych
Risperidone 0.5mg Tablet Generic RISPERDAL Psych
Risperidone 1mg Tablet Generic RISPERDAL Psych
Risperidone 2mg Tablet Generic RISPERDAL Psych
Risperidone 3mg Tablet Generic RISPERDAL Psych
Risperidone 4mg Tablet Generic RISPERDAL Psych
Cdp 25mg Capsule Generic LIBRIUM Psych
Divalproex EC 250mg Tab Generic DEPAKOTE Psych
Divalproex EC 500mg Tab Generic DEPAKOTE Psych
Lithium Carb 300mg Caps Generic ESKALITH Psych
Lithium ER 300mg Tablet Generic LITHOBID Psych
Citalopram 10mg Tablet Generic CELEXA Psych
Citalopram Hyd 20mg Tab Generic CELEXA Psych
Citalopram Hydrobro 40mg Generic CELEXA Psych
Fluoxetine Hcl 10mg Cap Generic PROZAC Psych
Fluoxetine Hcl 20mg Cap Generic PROZAC Psych
PARoxetine HCl 20mg Tab Generic PAXIL Psych
Paroxetine Hcl 30mg Tab Generic PAXIL Psych
Paroxetine Hcl 40mg Tab Generic PAXIL Psych
Sertraline Hcl 100mg Tab Generic ZOLOFT Psych
Sertraline Hcl 25mg Tab Generic ZOLOFT Psych
Sertraline Hcl 50mg Tab Generic ZOLOFT Psych
Amitriptyline 100mg Tab Generic ELAVIL Psych
Amitriptyline 150mg Tab Generic ELAVIL Psych
Amitriptyline 25mg Tab- Generic ELAVIL Psych
Amitriptyline 50mg Tab-30 Generic ELAVIL Psych
Amitriptyline 75mg Tab-30 Generic ELAVIL Psych
Doxepin 100mg Capsule Generic SINEQUAN Psych
Doxepin 50mg Capsule Generic SINEQUAN Psych
Doxepin 75mg Capsule Generic SINEQUAN Psych
ChlorproMAZINE 100mg Tab Generic THORAZINE Psych
Haloperidol 5mg Tablet Generic HALDOL Psych
Perphenazine 4mg Tablet Generic TRILAFON Psych
Alvesco 160mcg Inhaler Brand CICLESONIDE Pulmonary
Alvesco 80mcg Inhaler Brand CICLESONIDE Pulmonary
Montelukast 10mg Tablet Generic SINGULAIR Pulmonary
Qvar 80mcg Inhaler Brand BECLOMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE Pulmonary
Ventolin HFA Inhaler Brand PROVENTIL Pulmonary
carBAMazepine 100mg Tab 3 Generic TEGRETOL Seizure
carBAMazepine 200mg Tab Generic TEGRETOL Seizure
Gabapentin 100mg Capsule Generic NEURONTIN Seizure
Gabapentin 300mg Capsule Generic NEURONTIN Seizure
Gabapentin 400mg Capsule Generic NEURONTIN Seizure
Gabapentin 600mg Tablet Generic NEURONTIN Seizure
Gabapentin 800mg Tablet Generic NEURONTIN Seizure
lamoTRigine 100mg Tab-30 Generic LAMICTAL Seizure
lamoTRigine 25mg Tablet Generic LAMICTAL Seizure
Levetiracetam 500mg Tab Generic KEPPRA Seizure
OXcarbazepine 300mg Tab30 Generic TRILEPTAL Seizure
Phenytoin Sod 100mg Cap Generic DILANTIN Seizure
Topiramate 50mg Tablet Generic TOPAMAX Seizure
Isoniazid 300mg Tablet Generic NYDRAZID TB






Each label contains the drug's name, strenth, dosage form, National Drug Code (NDC) number, lot number, and expiration date. RemedyRepack is unique in that it offers its customers customizable labels to meet their specific needs.