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Dispensing Software

How it Works

RemedyRepack dispensing software is intended for medical facility settings where patients leave with prescriptions in hand. The platform's design is appropriate for any clinical environment.


Our secure web-based application is accessible via all modern web browsers optimized to use with your existing PC, laptop, or tablet.

An efficient 3-step dispensing process, following well-established eCommerce conventions, makes it easy for staff to learn the system with little to no training.

Barcode scanning allows for quick and efficient dispensing and automatically updates patient records and drug inventory.

Users can print FDA drug information sheets in both English and Spanish.

Inventory Control

Inventory Tracking
Accurately track inventory based on NDC, lot number, and expiration date for accurate accounting and recall reporting.
Post Shipments
Post verified shipments directly into inventory.
Set Prices
Set drug prices and add or change medication instructions.
Stock Reminders
Receive convenient automatic stock level reminders.
Receive alert notifications for expired medication.


Zero Reporting
Automated State PDMP reporting, including 'zero reporting' in 48 supported states.
The application maintains complete transaction data with every action traced in the system by user and date and time, providing a full audit trail and HIPAA compliance.

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