We've provided drug repackaging services for a variety of healthcare institutions since 2006. Our convenient packaging options and easy ordering process have saved time and money for many clients. Take a closer look at our services to see how we can help you.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike other repackaging companies, RemedyRepack has three repackaging plants, allowing us to offer additional repackaging services to fulfill your penicillin and cephalosporin drug product needs. In addition to this, RemedyRepack does not charge any hidden fees, and we have no minimum order. We can also bill through any of the major wholesalers as well as get drop shipments from them.


Contract Packaging
Contract Packaging
Remedy offers customized packaging solutions for a diverse healthcare industry, especially with oral solids and liquid products.
Point of Care
Physician Dispensing
With the help of Remedy physician dispensing, your patients receive their medication from your office. This offers more convenience to your patients and more revenue for you.
Government Building Icon
Government Packaging
We have the experience and regulatory knowledge to assist government agencies in receiving the medication they want when they need it.
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Antibiotic Packaging
Our facilities have isolated suites with separate packaging lines, HVAC air handling units, lab equipment, utility systems, and dedicated staff.


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Our facility will accept online orders at any time. For same day processing, order deadline is 2pm EST (Monday - Friday; assuming the medications are in stock.)
Electronic Tracking Software
Dispensing Software
RemedyRepack dispensing software is designed to work in any clinical environment, regardless of staffing or specialty.

Who We Serve

Physician Dispensing

Use the form below to request additional information about our physician dispensing services. For prices on specific medications, please visit our ordering page and submit the “Get a Quote Today” Form.