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What are the benefits to outsourcing repackaging services?

RemedyRepack has more than a decade of experience repackaging medications for a variety of medical providers and institutions. By leveraging our industry professionals and FDA-compliant processes, you will save money on space, technology, manpower, and equipment investments that FDA-compliant repackaging requires.

Can you help with BCMA (Bar Code Medication Administration)?

RemedyRepack has always been on the cutting edge of barcode technologies used in today’s medical offices, facilities, and institutions. We have helped our current clients face the challenges associated with this technology by delivering to them medications with custom packaging options (unit-dose and unit-of-use) and custom labeling and barcode solutions. These solutions ensure that our clients do not waste or lose medications and that they capture all revenue associated with in-office dispensing and/or administration.

How does the repackaging partnership work?

We collaborate with your present distributor to make the procedure as simple as possible for you. You provide RemedyRepack with the repackaging and labeling instructions, then contact your current distributor to order the medications and have them drop-ship your order to us for repackaging.

What drugs can be repackaged?

RemedyRepack offers a wide variety of repackaging methods for oral solids, oral liquid cups, controlled substances, penicillin-based and non-penicillin-based beta-lactam drug products, as well as OTC items.

RemedyRepack also offers hazardous pharmaceutical repackaging services and may assist your facility with the important parts of USP 800.

What drugs cannot be repackaged?

RemedyRepack currently has over 4000 unique NDCs assigned to repackaged drug products. The small list of products that can’t be repackaged includes:

If you want a medication repackaged that is not currently on our list of drug products, we will look into your request and inform you if it can be done.

How is shipping invoiced?

RemedyRepack extends our contract costs for shipment, saving you money.

How is invoicing done?

Invoicing can be done on a per-order or monthly basis, whichever fits your facility's needs.

Invoicing can also be done through your wholesaler, allowing you to set up a bill to ship to service on your existing account.

Can I maintain my relationship with my existing drug wholesaler and drop ship to you?

Yes. Remedy has established relationships with the top wholesalers in the country, allowing you to set up a bill to ship to service on your exciting account.

What are the fees for repackaging?

RemedyRepack charges a per-package fee based on product packaging type.

Unlike our competitors, RemedyRepack does not charge a fee for each lot change, and there are no minimum order requirements.

What is physician dispensing?

Physician dispensing is the process of giving pre-packaged drugs directly to patients during an office visit. Many physicians and clinics are integrating point-of-care dispensing into their standard practice, giving them the assurance that patients are starting their recommended therapy right away.

What are the benefits of physician dispensing?

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